The Japan Tourism Organization (JPTA) is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2021 as a great administrative firm of the Ministry of Territory, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Asia. The agency plays an important role in planning, organizing and doing events relevant to tourism in Japan. Additionally, it disseminates relevant information relating to tourism towards the general public. A number of its significant projects include, participating in the making and development of community tourist manuals, advertising travel, setting up events including international workshop on travel, and building various interdepartmental cooperation courses for the growth and development of tourism in Japan.

To promote tourism in Asia, the JTA has many subsidiary companies that are involved in completely different facets of the tourism sector in Asia. These companies are mostly categorized in to three key ones; i. e. Vacation spot Promotion Provider, Specialist Travel around Company, and Private Guide Business. A Vacation spot Promotion Provider specializes in attracting tourists out of all over the world through their different marketing strategies. However, a Specialist Travel Enterprise offers products that appeal to specific requires of travelers such as choosing of resorts and eating places, rental car and taking in the sights tours. Finally, a Private Help Company provides specialized head to and travel services such because corporate and group organized tours, family vacations, personal vacations, sports organized tours, adventure travel and leisure, honeymoon and vacation packages.

In addition , to promote tourism in Asia, several websites have also been set up by JTA. These websites provide useful information on all sorts of things about his that your JTA can give. These include information about travel companies, guidelines on how to make travel arrangements, advice on things to do and places to visit, and also other useful info. Such websites are also helpful for those people who are going to visit Japan. Through all of them, they can easily find suitable places to stay, food alternatives, shopping choices and other important info related to visit Japan.

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