Enticesoft’s Test Center of Excellence is a research group consisting of experts from all test paradigms like manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, security testing.

As a research group we keep on evaluating practices followed, researching new things in QA market, developing and adopting best approaches and solutions for the projects we do.

Qualiswift Overview

  • Qualiswift helps users managing test runs easily and smartly.
  • Automation Suites can be selected and functional area wise executions can be triggered on specific environments.
  • It provides automated real time dashboards, logs and execution reports.

Proprietary Test Automation Framework

  • Enticesoft Test Automation Propriatary Framework
  • Languages Supported: C#, Java, PHP and Python
  • Applications Supported: API, DB, Mobile, Web and Desktop
  • Built on open source tools/libraries/frameworks which will add business benefit.
  • Increases testing coverage and saving resource effort and execution time.
  • Reads Intuitive, user-friendly interface for creation & execution of test plan & test repository
  • Robust, flexible and extensible framework and support E2E test automation
  • Dynamic Integration and flexible in grouping
  • User Friendly Selection and Execution of plan and repository
  • Automated HTML report generation and emailing of the same to all stake holders
  • Detailed test execution results with consolidated summary and error snapshots

Enticesoft’s Test Automation Accelerator

  • Easy and powerful point and click object identification reduces development and maintenance time.
  • Accelerator helps in reducing overall maintenance efforts by 20-25%.
  • Centralized object repository increases reusability of objects.
  • Highlight functionality enables you to know and adopt object changes at a faster pace.
  • Highly customized object repository structure as per need.

Driving School Management Software

DrivES8 contains numerous features that can help driving schools run their business more efficiently.
One great advantage our software offers is its scalability and flexibility for data management.
with our software you will be able to manage the most important aspects of your business using a single software.

This online Driving School system offers Online Payments, Payroll Management, Driver Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Online Booking at one place.