Request for Pilot Test

Pilot Test is a small assignment that we undertake for you which may include selective testing, system study or small part of work to be executed. The purpose of doing a pilot test is to extend a feel of offshore testing services to you and enable you to evaluate our processes and management methodologies.

As an end result of pilot test, we do a retrospective analysis along with you to fine-tune processes and make necessary adjustments to build comfort at both ends before going for a long term engagement. This also minimizes your risk substantially.

We have expertise in doing pilot projects as a confidence-building exercise.

Our pilot project enables you to:

Evaluate and confirm our experience, processes and methodologies. Evaluate your own readiness in terms of processes and people. Evaluate your current testing process and areas of improvement therein.

Get in touch with us if you wish to carry out a pilot testing project with Enticesoft.