Web App Testing

Web Application and Website Testing Services
With tight project deadlines, testing your future web solution may seem a burden that does not get much attention in the end. Enticesoft’s specialists are ready to test every functional and non-functional aspect of your web solution to make your website or web application convenient, user-friendly and secure regardless of the operating systems, platforms and browsers your target audience uses.


  • Web applications
  • We detect front-end and back-end drawbacks in web applications. Our ultimate goal is to help you get better user adoption and quick return on investments.
  • Enterprise websites
  • With website testing services, we estimate the user-friendliness of your website, check how it performs its functions and stands heavy traffic loads and security threats.



  • Usability testing

Our team checks how convenient your web application, website or portal is for end users, identifies usability issues and advises on improvements to help you deliver a product that answers your target audience usability expectations to the fullest.

  • Functional testing

We check if your web application works according to all technology and business requirements and report on identified issues.

  • Performance testing

We test if your web solution works under any planned load, reveal stress, load, scalability and reliability issues in your solution.

  • Compatibility testing

We identify if your website or web app flawlessly works in various environments: for example, on different devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices and so on), across different operating systems, in different browsers, and so on.

  • Compliance testing

We ensure that your web solution works according to the standards of the industry you operate in (HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, and more).

  • Web security testing

With 17 years in information security, we conduct source code review and penetration testing. Simulating a hacking attack and analyzing your web solution behavior in such conditions, we help you address security vulnerabilities as early as possible.

  • Web testing automation

Our web testing specialists ensure high quality and improved performance of your web solution with our best practices in testing automation. We automate functional, regression and performance testing with keyword-driven and data-driven approaches.

1 – Analyzing project requirements
Our team steps up at the early stages of software development lifecycle, where our QA specialists study your project requirements and help to identify potential pitfalls that may hinder delivering a reliable solution within expected time and budget.

2 – Planning the process and selecting the tools
Our testing professionals closely cooperate with the whole project team to build effective testing activities and choose the most appropriate testing tools and techniques to conduct effective testing.

3 – Preparing test cases
We create test cases and test suites to fully cover the testing scope your web solution needs.

4 – Testing
Throughout the participation in the project, ScienceSoft’s testing team performs testing and reports on identified bugs and issues to responsible project participants, such as developers and a PM.

5 – Analyzing and reporting test results
We state the reasons for identified bugs, offer methods to fix them and avoid in the future.

We give our customers the opportunity to control each testing stage and get a detailed view of our activities. Also, our specialists are flexible and can follow the workflow you offer.