Usability Testing
Why Is Usability Testing Important? The goal in usability testing is to understand how real users interact with your website and make changes based on the results. The primary purpose of a usability test is to gather the data needed to identify usability issues and improve a website or app’s design.

Usability testing is a Black Box Testing Technique. It’s done by testing it as per the user’s point of views. It’s a technical design to evaluate a product or service by putting it on the test. It’s important that people stay on your website, or else they might leave if the page content or details are too hard to read. Therefore, that’s when Usability testing comes into play whereby it assesses how easy interface is used.

Along these lines, Enticesoft can guarantee that your application will be usable and valuable to your users before the development starts. Most importantly the time spent on usability testing will be more than pay for itself in the time saved during product updates to fix, development rework, and customer support. There are two key features Enticesoft follow that’s necessary for usability testing:

  • Tons of all possible devices
  • Numerous testers with array range of user behaviour patterns

As a major aspect of usability testing, genuine target users are requested to complete typical tasks, using mock-ups of the new application structure. Through perception and collection of target performance measures, we can distinguish and refine specific product areas.

Why QA is the perfect solution for usability testing?

  • Targeting opportunities
  • Access the crowd
  • Managed reports and feedback