Test Data Management

End-To-End Test Data Management Services Protects Enterprises Sensitive Data
Test Data Management Services
With increasing test data volumes, diverse data types, complex relationships, and data sensitivity, most enterprises face significant challenges with test data management. Having good quality data is key to testing enterprise functionality correctly and efficiently in the test environment. Copying production data to be used for the test can expose the company to numerous privacy and compliance risks. Without a strong test data management strategy, you may jeopardize your testing cycles and pile up huge infrastructure costs.

The test data management solution will broadly address the following three aspects:
Simulating real user interaction with the application
Simulating exceptional scenarios
Generating real-time load on the system during non-functional testing
Enticesoft brings its unique 4P Methodology for creating an end-to-end test data management solution for enterprises.

Test Data Management Methodology – 4 Ps
Test Data Profiling
Understand data sources
Understand data characteristics
Understand test data requirement
Test Data Planning
Create test data strategy
Ongoing test data management plan
Tools and Rol
Test Data Provisioning
Source data subsets and clone
Anonymize test data
Test data masking
Test data scrambling
Test Data Population
Populate test data
Ongoing data refresh
Archival and Housekeeping

Data Masking Process
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Test Data Management Tools used at TestingXperts
Enticesoft gives you the ability to create synthetic test data or use masked production test data for testing. Using synthetic test data creation techniques, test data can be created to match the exact requirements without using any sensitive information. Some of the synthetic test generation tools we have experience in are Dynamic data generator, Datamaker, Solix EDMS, etc. We also employ solid data masking techniques to ensure all the sensitive information in the data is protected.