Game Testing

Excellent game! but, is it bug-free??
Find out through game testing!

Advantages of our game testing service
Detailed bug report
Detailed quality check
UX (user experience testing)
Will check all the functionalities of the game
Complete performance evaluation
Graphical element inspection
Playthrough testing for analysing the game flow
Audio testing

Our offering in game testing
Gui Testing
Will check if the user interface of the game is working as per requirement across various platforms and devices

Functionality Testing
Experienced and expert testers check the functionalities of the game are as per the document.

Security Testing
Make sure that all the proper measures has been installed to ensure data security of users and your game

Console Testing
Testing game across various console types such as intendo Switch, DS, 3DS, Wii, WiiU, Xbox360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Neo etc.

Online Game Testing
Assure smooth release and functioning of internet based game through our testing

Compliance Testing
Make sure that the game that your team has made is compliant to various regulations and standards practiced in the industry.

Performance Testing
Ensure your GPU, CPU and servers used for smooth running of your game is working as its intended

AR/VR/MR Testing
Everyone knows that they are the next big thing when it comes to games. We have the platforms and resources to test such games so that stability and you can assure stability and high ux to users

Our secret sauce for functionality testing
Regression Testing
To counter check the game to see whether bugs fixed by the developers is actually fixed across the game

Multi-player Testing
Multiplayers games are gaining momentum like anything. If you have a multiplayer game we can test the multiplayer aspect of it

Audio Testing
Audio has equal prominence as the visuals. So thorough checking of audio across throughout the game play is necessary.

Graphics (2D and 3D)
We can check all the objects in the game along with frame rate across the game.

UI Testing
We can test the aesthetics, design rules have been strictly followed and it’s available for users to experience the game.

Game Balancing
We play the game and check if all the levels of the game are in sync and users of particular level are enjoying only what’s allowed.

Highlights of our services?
Transparency in all the dealing
Prompt reporting
Dedicated communication expert for each project
Dedicated SME’s in every project
Top notch testing facility
Testing strategies that we have developed are efficient and cost-effective
Capability to carry out testing in variety of devices
We take deadlines seriously