Cloud Testing

Are you concerned about the data security, application integration, and performance of your cloud-based software application? Is your organization falling short of skilled and experienced resources who can take care of your cloud testing requirements? Then, the right option for you would be to outsource cloud testing services to an experienced and skilled cloud testing service provider.

Enticesoft is one such cloud testing service providing company that can take care of all your testing requirements for your cloud-based software application. We have some of the most qualified and experienced software testers on board who can take care of your requirements with ease. We leverage the latest cloud testing tools to deliver top-notch services.

What is Meant by Cloud Testing?
Cloud testing is a type of software testing in which web traffic is simulated in order to test the cloud-based application. Cloud testing also helps in validating the performance, scalability, and redundancy of certain specific cloud functions of the application. Many of the IT organizations today have migrated to cloud solutions hence cloud-based testing has become necessary to verify and validate the various functions of cloud-based software.

Cloud Testing Services We Offer
Enticesoft has been a pioneer in providing high-quality cloud testing services to clients around the globe. Our experience of over two decades enables us to understand each client’s specific requirements and provide them with services that will suit their business requirements perfectly. Some of the key services we offer include –

1. Functional Cloud Testing
Data Migration Testing
Our team at O2I has the required skills and experience to provide clients with accurate and flawless data migration testing for their cloud-based software applications. This helps in detecting the flaws related to data migration and improves the performance of the system.

Functionality Testing
Our functionality testing services ensure that the functionalities run smoothly when subjected to different loads and environments. We leverage the latest tools and technologies to test the functionalities of your cloud-based application

Integration Testing
The integration between two or more modules of the software system is important for the smooth flow of data between them. We ensure that we provide our clients with highly accurate integration testing for your cloud-based applications

2. Non-Functional Cloud Testing
Security Testing
We understand the importance of data security when it comes to cloud-based applications. The application needs to undergo a thorough security testing before it reaches the market. We provide clients with accurate security testing for your application.

3. Performance Testing
Compatibility Testing
It is important to know if the software system is capable of running on different types of hardware, network environments, operating systems, etc. before it is launched. Our team ensures that the application runs smoothly as expected under all conditions through our compatibility testing.

Multi-Tenancy Testing
We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with multi-tenancy testing for their cloud-based applications. This mainly focuses on the different components of the application, network, and architecture.

Key Benefits of Cloud Testing Services
So, why is cloud testing important? Cloud testing helps to find the different issues of the cloud-based software application. Some of the key benefits of cloud testing are listed here –

Cloud testing helps testers to scale up or scale down the resource requirements as and when the client’s requirements change.
Cloud-based applications need not have the expensive infrastructure and pay only for the resources/features being used.
Cloud testing allows companies with better collaborations between the development and testing teams.
In cloud testing, the application can run on different systems simultaneously and hence the testing team has more time to fix the defects.

Why Choose Enticesoft for Cloud Testing Services?
Outsourcing cloud testing services to us can provide clients with a plethora of benefits that they can take advantage of. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us as your cloud testing service providing company are listed here

Affordable Pricing Packages
Working with us for cloud testing services is highly cost-effective. We provide our clients with highly flexible and affordable pricing options which will suit their business requirements and budget perfectly.

Data Security
We know the importance of data security when it comes to cloud testing services.

Skilled Software Testers
We have some of the most skilled and experienced cloud testing experts who can take care of all your requirements with ease. We work on the latest cloud testing tools and deliver top-notch services to the client.

High-quality Services
We are an ISO certified organization that ensures that all your cloud testing requirements are delivered on time with the best quality. We ensure that the results go through a multi-level quality check process before it is delivered to the client.

When you outsource cloud testing services to us, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager. This manager will be the single point of contact for all your needs and resolve any issues or queries that you may have.

Highly Scalable Services
We provide our clients with highly scalable cloud testing services. We have the required bandwidth and resources to scale up the service requirement and increase the number of resources on the project as and when the client needs it.

Quick Turnaround Time
We operate through several delivery locations that are spread across time zones in different parts of the globe. This enables u to deliver superior quality cloud testing services to clients within a quick turnaround time.

Best Infrastructure
We understand the importance of good infrastructure when it comes to delivering cloud testing services. We have access to the latest cloud testing tools and technologies